Thursday, August 24, 2006

The video below was found at Little Green Footballs and hosted by YouTube.

It's a remake of a classic 'Net video capture of a video game ("classic" if you're a geek, that is :^)

Here's another popular re-interpretation.

UPDATE: There seems to be an official website! You have to watch this one last from the official website - with apologies from to Queen, I hope.


Mercy Now said...

Humn, very interesting in a way that Bike Bubba would call it 'weird':o) My interesting is not derogatory but just an amuzing puzzle sort a thing.

Marklark said...

I guess to best appreciate it, you have to have played a Japanese video game called "Zero Wing." Or you can just like the music that goes with it and appreciate what people have done with it. There are quite a handful of other clips at YouTube if you search for "All your base."

I like the "All your FAKES" very much.