Thursday, July 12, 2007

Will It Blend? - iPhone

I like the part where it all goes black. :^)

Here's what happens to cubic zirconia

I think that I might have to get my wife one of these blenders!

Friday, July 06, 2007

This is a funny video!

New York Times Video - No Rights Reserved. :^)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Why the iPhone will be something different...

and better, over time.
What Will Apple Do on the Application Front?
In Apple's April earnings report, [Apple CFO] Oppenheimer explained what the company had in mind for the future of the iPhone in regard to software development:

“We believe the iPhone is a revolutionary device that is years ahead of the competition. At Macworld, we demonstrated a number of the iPhone's breakthrough features, including its pioneering multi-touch display and user interface, visual voicemail, desktop class e-mail and web browsing, and of course, the best iPod ever.

“We plan to build on this incredible foundation by continuing to develop new software features as well as entirely new applications and incorporate them into the iPhone. Since iPhone customers will likely be our best advocates for the product, we want to get them many of these new features and applications at no additional charge as they become available.

“Since we will be periodically providing new software features to iPhone customers free of charge, we will use subscription accounting and recognize the revenue and product cost of goods sold associated with iPhone handset sales on a straight line basis over 24 months.

“So while the cash from iPhone sales will be collected at the time of sale, we will be recording deferred revenue and costs of goods sold on our balance sheet, and amortizing both of them into our earnings on a straight line basis over 24 months. We will continue to expense our iPhone engineering, sales and marketing costs as we incur them. This accounting policy will have no impact on cash flow or the economics of our business.”