Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So, Bubba...

You think that your PC is cheaper than my Mac? Yes?

Well, check out the price list for upgrading your OS to the latest and greatest bug-ridden, Swiss-cheese securitied offering from Redmond. Someone accidentally put it on the web.

Order now from Amazon.com

Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium $239 full / $159 upgrade

Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate $399 full / $259 upgrade

(Both qualify for free shipping ;^)

By way of comparison, the Mac OS is included in the price of the computer, is easily transferrable, and the typical upgrade price is $129.


Mercy Now said...

Yes, upgrades for PC are always less expensive than MACs, hands down. Oh, I forgot to tell you I have a friend who works for MSFT so I get them discounted:o)

Marklark said...

I didn't realize that M$ allowed its employees to distribute their software. Good for you.

I guess that if you are willing to wait several years between significant upgrades to your OS, Windows is cheaper - but the TCO isn't.

We've already been over the hardware thing, too. :^)

Bike Bubba said...

You're assuming that I upgrade my PC, Mark. Usually I don't, as once I get things to work the way I want, I try not to touch it.


Marklark said...

Do you still use the PC that bought in Longmont?

Bike Bubba said...

No, that's gone to the PC graveyard in the sky....would be 8 years old today, so I figure I got my use out of it. I still use the Office 98 SBE that I bought then, though.

Marklark said...

So, now I know that you upgrade your PC. What was your point? ;^)

Oh, yeah. Did it happen to be that the OEM versions of Windows are cheaper than retail? I learned this about 2 years ago when the Win98 I had ate itself so badly my PC wouldn't even get past the BIOS display. So, I bought an OEM version of XP SP2 for about $80 at a small-time PC shop. (It was OEM because I purchased it with an $8 sound card.)