Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Why To Not Not Start a Startup (company)

Here's an interesting article from a venture capitalist about reasons, real and perceived, why people don't ask him for his money:

1. Too young
2. Too inexperienced
3. Not determined enough
4. Not smart enough
5. Know nothing about business
6. No cofounder
7. No idea
8. No room for more startups
9. Family to support
10. Independently wealthy
11. Not ready for commitment
12. Need for structure
13. Fear of uncertainty
14. Don't realize what you're avoiding
15. Parents want you to be a doctor
16. A job is the default

My reasons are #s 7 & 9. Anybody have a need for a computer program that they haven't filled yet?

What are your reasons for going to an office or a cube or other employment?


Bike Bubba said...

Lessee...for me it's definitely #7 and #9, probably a touch of #13 as well. Add to it "don't want my life run by a venture capitalist" as well. :^)

So we've started a little heirloom fabrics business with our own resources. I KNOW that you want to start smocking, Mark! :^)

Marklark said...

Now now, BB, it's not Christian to mock.