Monday, January 07, 2008

More bad news from a different place that I used to live...

In this case, reported in WND, an ex-military medic wished to treat his own child. Some paramedics convinced "Child Protective Services" (or somesuch) that he was in danger. Many phone calls were made and, the next day, a SWAT team delivered the child to the hospital where he was examined and promptly released.

The sheriff says he used SWAT because the father is a "self-professed Constitutionalist."

Bah. I'm pretty sure that the SWAT team is lucky that the lawsuit won't be for something deadly -- 'cause the father's lawyering up!


Bike Bubba said...

I liked the part where the sheriff was trying to argue that things the father had said and done justified the use of a SWAT team, but when asked, he couldn't mention anything.

I bet that the sheriff could have sent a doctor to the family, gratis, for a fraction of the cost of a SWAT visit.

Marklark said...

But that would have required thinking outside of the box.

His tool is the hammer. He used the hammer...

And "I was just doing what the judge (magistrate-whatever) told me to do." I.e., he was just following orders.