Friday, August 17, 2007

It's not quite Nature's Most Perfect Food, but...

So, here I was, minding my own business when I get the following in an email from the eatery linked in the title:

Going out on a date (to eat) tonight with my wife, I asked her where she wanted to eat. She replied "Famous Dave's, Bambino's, Chilis, " etc. Since Dave's was the first out of her mouth and I know that she really likes his food, that's what was decided upon. Then I recalled the coupon. A quick trip to this computer printed and retrieved it.

Upon sitting down, we were told that it was good for an appetizer or dessert. Cool!

The rib tips and fries basket is as good as a meal for two and we'd be out of there after a generous dessert (the pecan pie is excellent). Then a waitress looked at it and said "Boy are you lucky! That's for the All American Feast!" and walked away. Hmmm... Checked it out with the people at the entrance and it was confirmed. :^)!! Then, while I'm out on the porch trying to get people to help us eat it, Cherry tells the waiter that he may have been mistaken. He checks with the manager and tells us again that it's only for app./dess. But he goes back, checks again and finds that we are really going to get a # of fries, a full slab of ribs, a whole chicken, a 1/2 # of brisket &/or pulled pork, 4 corn muffins, and 4 corn on the cob!!! $56.99 for free!!

1st friends were unavailable, but our pastor and his wife weren't.

We had a wonderful time! So, sign up for the birthday club. If you get prize "B02," you'll also be well blessed and fed!

(I had a soda, so we got out for $2.09 (plus tip) :^)


Bike Bubba said...

I find that the "Feast for Two" suffices to feed my whole family of seven. Maybe it means "Feast for Two prospective Broncos or Viqueens offensive tackles"?

The full All American Feast will feed my family along with Phil Peterson and his family--including his three teenagers.

Scary amount of (yummy) food.

Marklark said...

Yes, but if it were what they were going to give you... Wouldn't you invite friends to share it with you?

We didn't eat most of the fries, the toast, or the beans.

I forgot to mention the beans and the coleslaw. Perhaps because the beans were runny and I just don't like coleslaw.

Marklark said...

Ah! ViQueens. I get it now. :^)

Bike Bubba said...

We'd have done the same. I was just commenting on what a scary big amount of food it was. We tend to order the Feast for Two, and we get a second meal out of the deal.

Marklark said...

Have you stopped riding your bike?

Stopped feeding your children?

Stopped gorging to make riding the bike and playing with the kids both necessary and unlikely?

Bike Bubba said...

No, no, and no. I'm trying to eat a bit less (say 2 pancakes for breakfast instead of four), but the reality is that the Feast for Two is a scary big amount of food out here. Maybe not so much in Colorado, but it certainly is here.

Marklark said...

It's possible that there are regional differences. There certainly are with KFC (much more food if you're actually in Kentucky, larger corn if you're in Florida).

The four of us got out of there having eaten all of the flesh and most of the veggies while still being able to move nicely and not moan at the thought of dessert -- dessert was definitely out, however. :^) Also, no noticeable weight gain.

They serve the All American Feast on a garbage can lid there? How do they serve the Feast for 2?

Bike Bubba said...

Garbage can lid. Maybe I'm slacking off in terms of eating, but few people I know here dispute the idea that it's an awful lot of food.

Marklark said...

I'm not disputing that it's a lot of food. I'm just saying that 4 of us ate it and there were no children involved - except as absent, jealous wannabes. :^)

And you may be slacking, after all. You're almost as old as I am - and soon will be, I'm sure - so you'll have to be careful to stay in tip-top form. :^)