Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Abortion vs. Murder

Death: Natural
Abortion: Sometimes Natural

Murder: Wrong
Killing: Sometimes Wrong

Life of a nother in jeopardy: Killing allowed.
Life of a mother in jeapardy: Abortion allowed.

Laws against murder do not stop them.
Laws against abortions will not stop them.

Laws in both cases (would) show our appreciation for life and its protection.


Bike Bubba said...

True, but I would argue that a law against abortion would also greatly reduce this abomination. Those who oppose anti-abortion laws carefully neglect the fact that abortions increased by over an order of magnitude after Roe V. Wade.

Put gently, it's hard to hide the fact that you're performing a surgery, especially when you goof up from time to time and need to send your mistakes to the emergency room or morgue.

Marklark said...

And I would agree that outlawing abortion would diminish its occurrence.

(The background on the post is that I was discussing the subject with a Libertarian Baptist (what?!? ;^) and he generally opposes laws that are unenforceable.)

BTW: replying to posts via the links in the blogger.com emails means that you don't have to log in!

Bike Bubba said...

Got it. Perhaps the question, then, is how we define unenforceable. Does it mean that it still happens, even with the law in place? Then every law is unenforceable--we haven't fired all the police and sold their black & whites, have we? Shall we have anarchy?

Or does unenforceable mean that it's hard to collect evidence without violating other moral laws? If so, we again have a clear example from history that anti-infanticide laws were in fact enforceable.

Either way, I simply don't see your friend's point.