Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Here's a question: Would you replace your aged washer AND dryer if one of them failed?

If so, why?


Bike Bubba said...

No. Having them match is not worth $700 or more to me. In fact, I bought just a washer (Maytag Neptune) about 18 months ago.

Not a moot point for you, either?

Marklark said...

Yes, not moot.

I've heard the point from a deacon in my church that, since it is the wife's province, her desire for a coordinated set should win the day.

I remain unmoved.

(He also thinks that as a union worker he can do a lousy job when it is outside of his "profession." And allows his children to have TVs in their rooms. That said, he also has a burning desire to spread the Gospel.)

Bike Bubba said...

I could see a coordinated set if the mismatch was going to cause an ergonomic issue, but otherwise count me as a practical one. Or maybe it's sometimes of an issue as one sells the house? $500 or so is an awful lot of money for aesthetics in a place no visitor sees, methinks.

Marklark said...

In the past, I've taken the set with me - and, I've also left them as part of the give and take on price.

I came out ahead. :^)