Friday, May 12, 2006

Ever wonder why Windows doesn't work very well?

They are afraid to cut their mangled limbs off.

Not so with Apple: OS 9, PPC, Motorola 680x0 chips - going, going, and gone.

What computer do tough guys use? :^)


Bike Bubba said...

Obviously, tough guys use PC clones because it's more difficult and manly. :^)

Seriously, I'm bummed to see Intel effectively knocking Motorola/IBM off to the side. Even though I haven't bought a Mac, I certainly was glad to see that their was technical competition for Intel & AMD.

Marklark said...

(Hey, sorry it took me so long to get to this! Blogger(tm) didn't tell me I'd gotten a bite.)

Real men don't use pickup trucks to haul stuff around, either. They use minivans because the seats have to be removed and replaced, too, right? ;^)

Daddy needs a big Ford Truck!

Back on topic: Motorola and IBM weren't interested in the market size that Apple has. Intel already makes the chips. They make the boards. Apple doesn't need the EISA busses and other legacy cruft like that. So...

Apple "makes" a Windows-capable board that runs faster than a comparable "PC." :^)