Friday, December 06, 2013

Conserverative or Progressive?

Do you space or double-space after a full stop?

There is a raging controversy about this on the web - and, if you "double" you're essentially a troglodyte.

But history is on our/my side.  :^)

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Bike Bubba said...

People are actually arguing about this.....OK, so one side notes it's easier to read when typeset, the other notes that we don't typeset anymore, and I note that even Word has this "autocorrect" feature that will automatically make the right spacing for readability and discredit Dan Rather.

BTW, John Mysak and I issue you a standing invitation to dine at Pi pizzeria (get it?) in Rochester. Wood fired at 850 F--wonderful stuff. You would like the meat pi with sriracha, I think.

We just hope that when you come, you don't need to get care here!