Thursday, April 11, 2013

SStrange days, indeed...

[in] Connecticut, the state where the infamous Newtown school shooting occurred, voted in 2000 to eliminate county sheriffs as constitutional officers.  Among the provisions eliminated were the requirements to hold an election of sheriffs in each county every four years for four-year terms and the requirement that sheriffs submit a bond to the treasurer to ensure the faithful discharge of their duties.  Voters in Connecticut opted instead for a system of federal marshals who don’t bother to take an oath to uphold the Constitution; the marshals’ only loyalty is to those in upper echelons of power who appoint them, not the lowly “we the people” they are supposed to serve.
 In Colorado, the Dems have granted police authority and powers to the US Secret Service...  This replaces the local sheriff as the power in the State and severely undercuts the accountability of local law enforcement.

If we don't get them out of office and change that, shame on us!

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