Friday, March 15, 2013


... a (hilarious) model of bureaucratic (in-)efficiency. You'll probably laugh, but you really should cry.

So if you are trying to run a business in some other state and you often feel overburdened with unnecessary regulations, just remember this. It could be a lot worse. You could be trying to put some dirt in a hole in California.

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Bike Bubba said...

You know the regulatory state is out of control when it resembles nothing so much as the lyrics to "Alice's Restaurant" or your favorite "shaggy dog story" joke. I'm glad they finally got to load up the VW Microbus with shovels, rakes, and implements of destruction, and didn't have to pay a fine as well for picking up the garbage.

And I hope that they had another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat with Alice, her husband Ray, and Sasha the dog.

Actually, the whole process sounds a little like an extended play version of Whitehall Street, where you come in to get inspected, infected, neglected and all kinds of things.