Friday, March 14, 2008

So, I got tagged...

by Bert to cough up 6 random things that you all probably don't know about me...

1. I'm a Mac guy.

2. Pizza is Nature's most perfect food.

3. Unless we're having lasagna.

4. I program on a PC because it pays the bills.

5. Our pets are fish.

6. I want a Big Ford Truck.

If you'd like to be tagged for your turn, let me know in comments. (I'm not a great chain-letter forwarder, either. ;^)


Bike Bubba said...

You narrowly escaped me making something up....ha ha! Something like:

1. I'm a charter member of the Brady Campaign.

2. I drive a Volvo.

3. With an Obama bumper sticker.

4. What's to eat? Salads!

5. Go Big Red!

6. All of my napkins have flowers on them.

Mark said...

Telling lies about your friends... Yes, that's a great way to engender filial love. ;^)

Anonymous said...

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