Monday, November 13, 2006

Do NOT attempt to install Internet Explorer 7 in a PC that has ZoneAlarm on it. It won't work.

Trying to stop ZA doesn't help. It just makes all your actions "go on walkabout."

To remove ZA, you must start in "Safe Mode." Either uninstall or drag its folder to the trash.

Does my C++Builder work yet? Nope. Dunno what bolluxed it, but I wasn't having this problem before IE7.

Checking the disk is a painfully long task, too. Bah!

More later. argh.

More: So, I've tried to uninstall IE7. No love. Reinstall IE6? No skittles. Fix C++Builder installation? No va. Reinstall C++Builder? Na da. Fix Win XP? No nothing.

Reinstall? TBD.

Oh, and I have now heard other evidence (anecdotal, by definition, of course) that IE7 is pretty much a Vista(tm)-only thing (Microsoft auto-installer advice notwithstanding). :^/ A co-worker's son, also a programmer, had his system buggered by it.

Later (11:24 14NOV06): Almost everything successfully reinstalled. C++Builder still a non-finisher. Will have to go back to files few days old and take a running start at it. Hmmmm... *sigh* At least I fixed one thing.


Mercy Now said...

Thanks for the update.

Marklark said...

You're welcome. More and more I wish that I had a Mac at work.

Actually, we do have one, but we're using it as a Unix web server for a MySQL database via AJAX and Perl. It's fun, but I work remotely on it. *sigh*

Mercy Now said...

I am in the market for a new laptop and have considered the Mac Pro except it's about $2,500 for my specs. My price range is in the $1400 range. The other thing is my bro works for Gates so I can get below retail MSFT products which will save a bundle. I guess I can deal w/ the inconvenience for $1K less.

Marklark said...

Yeah, the MacBook Pro is a bit pricey.

But, if you look at HP or Dell laptops with the same speed processor, HD, etc, you'll find them within $50.

If you want to take a look at the MacBook, you'll probably find it to be much cheaper than the ordinary and comparable PC laptops -- and you can put Windows on it if you really need to.

You can have the best of both. And, if you try the OpenOffice suite, you can cover for MS Office. :^)

No viruses (yet). No spyware. Nor adware.

Bike Bubba said...

You know, if you were a Luddite like me who tries to avoid new software until it's inevitable, you wouldn't have these problems. :^)

Marklark said...

Thanks for the reminder, Bert! *sigh*

I was just hopeful that IE7 might support the AJAX (very JavaScript dependent) that I'm using for the database stuff. IE6 doesn't. Not surprising, since it tends to get a little bit intense and MS isn't generally good with detail-oriented things.

I'm almost done re-doing my production PC now. That's another instance of shortsightedness.

PCs - just shoot me!

Bike Bubba said...

Hey, speaking of being a Luddite, I saw some articles in my IEEE Intermag digest about the high speed floppy you posted about a while back. Let's just say that the gentleman's claims were a wee bit inflated; there are certinly some advantages to this technology, but it's far from the home run the journalist was claiming.

Marklark said...

Well, "Cringely" is a journalist whose quality can be gauged by www hits, after all. :^/

Mercy Now said...

When it comes to Mac, what about the argument that since it doesn't have a bigger markert share, there are not too many viruses out there designed to attack it. What if the tables were turned, would you not think more people would attack it? It's the big gorilla like the US, we're so powerful that most other nations don't like us.

Marklark said...

People hate US because we get bad press from the pinko commies in said press. (Although, sometimes we deserve it.)

People hate MS because their PCs are something that only an IT person can reasonably manage. This leads to frustration and anxiety. Hate, yes, but for a different reason.

People write viruses for PCs because they hate them and because they can (it's easier). Windows has a lot of services to attack. Have you noticed that we're installing 5-10 security patches a week?

Back when the Mac had more market share than today, it had <20 viruses while the PC was full of them. Now the Mac, *nix, and Linux share common OS, but still nothing more than the occasional news about "prototype" virus development.

Apple isn't perfect, but for the most part, they're better/easier, more reliable, and longer lived.