Friday, June 23, 2006

A little bit of original material (for a change).

Topic: Grilling

When grilling, you can get a quick start on your charcoal (better flavor than gas) by using a hair drier as a bellows.

After the starter fluid has burned down and given you the slightest hint of gray on the edges, apply hot, fast air from your hair drier. Very quickly, you will have a raging, hot set of coals. Let them simmer for a little while, put the cooler edge-coals in the middle of the hot ones and add more air. Move the hair drier around to get the heat out the sides that aren't blazing yet. When the coals are very gray, spread 'em, let your grill heat up and start grilling.

Since they'll burn down quicker this way, don't skimp on the coals.

Don't leave your food unattended for long, as you are using more heat than you may be used to.

Don't expect your wife to use this hair drier again. It will add a certain smokiness to her hair -- she probably won't like it. :^)

It's a good thing(tm) (Attribution requested when sharing this tip, please. (Hey, I have to get famous somehow... ;^))

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Bike Bubba said...

Even better, get rid of the lighter fluid altogether and use a starting chimney to get things started with a bit of newspaper.

Marklark said...

Nope. Was given one. It failed the wife test. It even failed to work for me once or twice.

When it did work, it was better than the hair drier - in that it didn't require attention.

But... If it's not going to work, you may have wasted quite a bit of time whilst it was failing.

If I have to pay attention to it, I'm happier with the hair drier method.


Bike Bubba said...

I'm surprised at that. At any rate, I've started to use mostly twigs from the yard, which will go up readily with just a bit of paraffin-soaked lint from the dryer. I'm still working to get the right balance of twigs, charcoal, and such for proper heat.

Not a big issue with steaks, though; the hotter the better.

Marklark said...

For your tastes, why don't you just set the grill in the sun, set your steak on it, turn once, and eat. ;^)

. . . Oh, yeah, I remember now: Your spousal unit likes hers a bit more than rare.

Bike Bubba said...

Naw, you've got to sear the outside to kill anything the butchers allowed to get on the surface and seal in the juices. I'm still working to help Connie get better taste, too.

Marklark said...

Hey, if Connie had better taste... ;^)